There are a few categories of drivers where DWI may affect them differently Women

Alcohol affects women differently than men. Generally, women will have a higher blood alcohol level after drinking the same amount as a male, even if they weigh the same. Also, body temperature affects not only alcohol levels, but how the breath machine interprets alcohol. Women who are in their pre-menstrual cycle will usually have a higher body temperature, which could give a falsely high reading on a breath test machine.

Under 20

All drivers under 20 who commit a traffic violation face a loss of license.

Under 21

For any driver under 21 at the time they are charged with DWI, their loss of license will be higher. The minimum license loss is 1 year, and can be as high as 2 years for a first offense.

Further, the legal blood alcohol level for the per se law is .02 for people under 21. If you provide a breath sample higher than that, you will lose your license for 6 months, unless you are successful at an administrative license suspension hearing.

Commercial Driver License (CDL)

Any driver who operates a commercial vehicle when charged with DUI will face additional penalties. You are subject to losing your commercial driving license for at least 1 year.

Further, the legal limit / per se law, for drivers of a commercial vehicle is .04.