Testifying in court of law where you are tried for driving while under the influence can lead to the jury making a ruling in your favor. You can argue that you had rising alcohol levels at the time when the DUI test was made and that is why it tested that you were under the influence of alcohol while driving. You can testify that you were in the absorption face when the test was carried and that is why it showed that you were under the influence of alcohol because the levels had increased in your blood system. Alcohol level in the body fall when one is in the elimination stage according to the alcohol curve in the body of the processes that alcohol undergoes while in the body and the effects of the same to the person who used alcohol.

The DUI test can be effectively used to convince the jury that although the test showed that the alcohol level in your body was very high the reality is that the level was very low. Your lawyer can argue that it was as a result of the absorption stage that resulted into the test showing that you had high alcohol level in your body.

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