Information Needed By An Attorney

Information Obtained By An Attorney

There is some information that will be obtained by the attorney that can be used during your hearing.

The attorney will want copies of the accident report as well as any reconstruction information provided by the police or insurance. If there has been a serious incident, then the DUI attorney will request a reconstruction. There should be reports of other incidents that have taken place at the same location as yours to show that it could have something to do with the area instead of you as the driver.

Other reports by the police officer that have been filed will be requested. There are some officers who will give the same information in all DUI cases no matter what kind of incident has occurred. This kind of reporting can diminish the credibility of the officer, which can be a benefit to your hearing.

There is information that the officer could have obtained by asking a few questions and didn’t that could make a difference in your case. Any exculpatory evidence will be requested. Your criminal history and driving record will be asked for so that that attorney can see if you have any kind of support for a plea bargain.

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