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Attorney Hynes

In New Hampshire, Attorney Hynes only represents clients charged with a crime or traffic offense. Attorney Hynes has successfully helped many clients with legal problems ranging from loss of license, to misdemeanors, to serious felonies including attempted murder.

For more details on the services offered, please see Services Offered.

Specific DWI / DUI Trainings:

IACP/NHTSA Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Course Overview. This Course fully explains the 12 steps that are supposed to be involved with a DRE investigates someone for driving under the influence of drugs.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Certification Student Course (NHTSA Course) –

This is the class that police take in order to be able to administer field sobriety tests.

Attorney Hynes passed this course with a score of 100% and is certified to administer FSTs.

Owner/ Operator of Alco Sensor FST PBT – This is the newest version of the portable breath test machine offered by Alco Sensor. It is used by many police departments throughout New Hampshire. By understanding, owning, and testing this machine, Attorney Hynes fully understands its accuracies and limitations.

Court Experience

Attorney Hynes has experience appearing before, filing cases, or representing clients in numerous courts and agencies including:

United States Supreme Court

New Hampshire Supreme Court

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Superior Courts, District Courts, and Family Courts throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts

New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)

Bankruptcy Court

New Hampshire Human Rights Commission

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination


New Hampshire Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Massachusetts Association of Trial Attorneys

Volunteer with the New Hampshire chapter of the ACLU

Attorney Hynes is Admitted to practice law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.