Criminal Defense

Do you need a lawyer for legal help with a criminal case?

If so, a lawyer with Liberty Legal Services can help:

Results Oriented Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested, you are not guilty until the State proves all elements of the crime you are charged with beyond a reasonable doubt. Hiring the right lawyer can help you remain Not Guilty!

Motor Vehicle Offenses

If you were arrested or charged with a motor vehicle offense, you are at risk of not only going to jail, but also losing your right to drive. A dwi lawyer may be able to help you keep your driver license. If you are charged with a DWI, Attorney Dan Hynes can help you with not only your criminal case but any potential administrative license suspension (ALS). Attorney Dan Hynes has successfully handled cases ranging from traffic offenses, to misdemeanors, to felonies. Besides helping you in your criminal matter, Attorney Hynes can represent you at the New Hampshire Department of Safety, to defend your right to drive. You are generally entitled to a hearing before the DMV suspends your license. Act now to protect your rights.

Who is the best lawyer for you?

When looking for lawyers, many potential clients ask me who is the best lawyer or best law firm? I do not believe there is such a thing as a best lawyer, but that they might want to consider certain factors to decide who could be the most ideal lawyer for their particular situation.

I advise clients that some of the most important things they should look for in a lawyer is experience, knowledge of the law, communication/ relationship with the client, costs, and past results. After discussing my credentials with potential clients, explaining to them how I would handle their case, and discussing the cost, I find most clients are happy with the services I offer and decide to hire me to represent them.